Associate Partners

Founded in February 2015, AntalGenics is located in the Scientific Park of the University Miguel Hernández in Elche, Alicante, Spain. It is a biotechnological company focused on the discovery and development of new bioactive molecules for biomedical and dermocosmetic applications by modulating the neurosensory system. Its staff has expertise in inflammatory peripheral nerve excitability and skin physiopathology, modulation of targets located in the peripheral nervous system form skin, design and efficacy assessment of drugs in the development phase using a wide range of methods on skin cells and sensory neurons and in in vitro preclinical assays.


Angelini is an international pharmaceutical group founded in Italy in the early 20th century, leader in the healthcare, and with direct presence in 20 countries and a worldwide distribution network. The Pharma sector is the Company core business accounting for about half of the total turnover, and including activities in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of active principles, medicines, cosmetics, medical devices and food supplements.

The innovation activities are implemented in the RR&D (Research, Regulatory & Development), also through scientific networking and public-private partnerships worldwide, strongly recognizing their relevance as source of innovation to simultaneously go beyond the frontiers of the knowledge and pursue the economic growth.


The University of Liège (ULiège) is one of the three main and complete Universities of the French speaking Community of Belgium, hosting 25 000 students, which 24 % are foreign. 23% of our graduates have an experience abroad and 45% of our doctoral students are foreigners. ULiège is a member of EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion, the pan-European initiative dedicated to the mobility of researchers, and has a service center which can help doctoral students with practical aspects and has been rewarded the European Human resources Strategy Label for researchers .
It hosts 840 incoming students and sends 740 students abroad. It has concluded more than 2200 international agreements in the framework of Erasmus programme as well as worldwide.
ULiège has a solid expertise in Erasmus Mundus programmes: 14 joint masters (6 being closed now) among which we coordinate 2 (EMSHIP and EMERALD) and 2 Joint Doctorates (closed now). We also took part in 12 editions of Erasmus Mundus Partnerships, 21 KA2 strategic partnerships (4 as coordinator), 2 KA2 Knowledge Alliances, 11 running capacity building projects, 3 “Sport Actions”, 1 Jean Monnet Action, 6 KA1 International Credit Mobility editions and ULiege is partner in a European Universities Alliance called “UNIC”. In the field of research, ULiège is involved in more than 100 H2020 and 24 ERC grants.
Our fields of excellence are oceanography, water resources (aquapole), space sciences (Liège space center certified by ESA, collaborating with NASA); Life Sciences (GIGA : genoproteomics – cancer research center – neurosciences); engineering (photovoltaic cells and solar energy, fuel cells); law, migration studies.



Founded in 2012, Alecrìa Communications is a collector of highly skilled individuals: with over 20 years of experience in healthcare and life science market, we provide strategic and creative consultancy and communication projects for both healthcare international and domestic contexts.

We apply creative and conceptual thinking to solve every (business) challenge producing tailored and valuable communication projects.

Alecrìa business model is based on an on-the-go structure that provides the perfect team for each project

Fluidity, experience, ethical behaviour and respect to propel your business projects, offering unexpected solutions and never compromising quality.


Founded in Lyon, France, in 1880, Gattefossé is a leading provider of specialty ingredients and formulation solutions for the beauty and health care industries worldwide. Our history is built on our founders’ deep commitment to sustainability, innovation, and service. Specialists in lipid chemistry and plant extraction, we create effective natural actives and functional lipid excipients. We work diligently to guarantee the quality and reliability of our ingredients while providing our customers with all the support and resources they need to make successful products that address global consumers’ demands.


In collaboration with

  • COSMETICA ITALIA – The Italian personal care association
Cosmetica Italia first established in 1967 with the name of Unipro, the National Union of Perfumery, Cosmetics, Toilet Soap and Ancillary industries. It is now a consolidated association that elaborates and disseminates normative and technical information, as well as market surveys. Currently, Cosmetica Italia includes 500 members, representing the 95% of the Italian cosmetic market.


Last modified: January 10, 2023