2023 – 2025 STUDENTS

2023 – 2025


Adelajda was born in 1994, Albania. She finished her studies in the capital, Tirana, obtaining  a Master’s degree in Pharmacy. She worked in a community pharmacy for 4 years where she collaborated with other healthcare professionals to best support patients.

She has always been passionate about ways that either over-the-counter or medical grade skincare products are formulated and the way they improve the skin’s appearance and functionality. She conducted her thesis with professors from the University of Medicine, Albania and University of Ferrara, Italy which sparked her interest in nonclinical and clinical research and its application to contribute in drug development.

With EMOTION master she believes to find her purpose in the cosmetic industry and be part of the innovative field.

Three words: reliable, energetic, curious

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez


Andrea was born in 2000 in Tipperary, Ireland.  She was raised on a dairy farm surrounded by plants, animals, green fields and forests.  This developed her love of nature, environment, biodiversity and animal welfare. While in secondary school, she also realised a passion for science, dermatology and cosmetics and decided to pursue a journey whereby she could amalgamate all these interests in her professional career.

She initially undertook a B.Sc. (Hons) in Industrial Biochemistry at the University of Limerick, Ireland.  During this undergrad, she completed work placement opportunities with two Pharmaceutical companies.  The first was for three months in Tipperary and the second was for eight months in Malta. Both engagements gave different insights into the industry and stimulated her determination to further her knowledge.

Andrea then applied to the EMOTION Master Programme as this targeted post-graduate curriculum provides an opportunity to heighten her R&D skills and competencies around innovations in biochemistry, cosmetics and drug therapies.

Three words: sociable, straightforward, open-minded

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Norma People by Sally Rooney


Anggita was born in December 1998 and brought up in Jakarta, Indonesia. She graduated with a Bachelor in Biotechnology from one of the Universities in Indonesia. For her final-year research project, she explored the potential of GABA-producing Lactobacillus as probiotics. During her undergraduate study, she took part in an exchange program in Poland where she contributed to the development of cardiac organoids for disease models.

She has been interested in cosmetics and dermatology for long and is especially passionate in developing novel approaches to even out skin tone in areas affected by burns. Outside the lab and classroom she enjoys cooking and trying out delicacies from different countries.

Three words: kind, generous, adventurous

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, A Young Man and Life’s Greatest Lesson by Mitch Albom


Athalie is a chemist who comes from San Luis Potosí, México. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry from Arkansas State University Campus Queretaro. After university, Athalie spent three months in Barcelona as a medicinal chemistry intern.

Coming back to Mexico Athalie became a science teacher at a local high school, teaching chemistry and physics. Before entering her undergraduate program, Athalie knew she wanted to pursue a career in cosmetic science, and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in skin care products.

Athalie loves cats, enjoys reading fantasy books, watching Marvel movies, and listening to Taylor Swift and Paramore.

Three words: driven, analytic, reliable

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel


Claudia was born in sunny Valencia, Spain in 2001. She is a passionate young woman with a deep interest in the fusion of science, cosmetics, and biotechnology. Her journey into the world of cosmetics began at age 15 when she encountered a research paper discussing the effects of a retinol cosmetic on the skin. That moment sparked a passion that keeps to this day.

During her Biotechnology degree she discovered how much she enjoyed the lab, carrying out an internship performing in-vitro digestions for cystic fibrosis research. During the last year of her degree, she performed an internship at Bionos Biotech. There, on the one hand, she performed in vivo analysis of the skin to test the efficacy of cosmetic products, measuring factors like skin’s moisture, sebum, elasticity and thickness. On the other hand, she carried out her Final Degree Thesis in the company, doing skin microbiome analysis on 150+ volunteers to identify patterns and differences based on age and gender.

Claudia views the EMOTION master’s program as the perfect opportunity to melt together her scientific knowledge, interest in dermatology, and passion for cosmetics, learning from some experts in the fields and helping her shape her future in the R&D industry where she is sure she can make a great impact.

Three words: curious, optimistic, outgoing

Book donated to the EMOTION library: The Radium Girls by Kate Moore


Dounia, 23, Algerian woman deeply passionate about chemistry and cosmetics. She graduated with a Master degree in Materials Chemistry from the University of sciences and technology Houari boumediene in Algiers.

Although she began her academic pursuits in Arabic, she transitioned to studying in French and later taught herself English to pursue opportunities for studying abroad.

The EMOTION Master’s program provides a comprehensive understanding of chemistry, skin, and cosmetics, aligning seamlessly with her passion and career goals. She firmly believes that this master’s program will open doors to realizing her professional aspirations.

Three words: perseverant, energetic, honest

Book donated to the EMOTION library: What the days owes the night by  Yasmina khadra


Josefina was born in Santiago del Estero, Argentina in 1999. In 2005, she moved to Barcelona, where she studied and graduated in Biochemistry at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, kickstarting her scientific journey.

During the latter stages of her degree and immediately after, she embarked on two internships. One delved into the world of molecular biology, while the other immersed Josefina in the nanobiotechnological field. It was during these experiences that she realised her passion for crafting a future in the arena of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Alongside this, she worked on her communication skills through social media, focusing on Parkinson’s disease information dissemination in her final thesis project. Moreover, her two years of teaching science reinforced her conviction in the power of education.

As she set her sights on the EMOTION Master’s program, she stands ready to invest dedication to acquire both academic and professional knowledge. This will undoubtedly help her carve her niche in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, where she aspires to make a meaningful contribution, helping these sectors tackle future challenges with determination and perseverance.

Three words: perseverant, observant, forthcoming

Book donated to the EMOTION library: La plaça del diamant by Mercè Rodoreda


Grace was born and raised in Kilkenny, Ireland. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Pharmacology at University College Dublin. During her bachelors degree she had the opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad in Zurich, Switzerland. It was there she gained her love for multicultural environments.

Grace is very passionate about intercultural exchange and is currently vice-president of ESN Ireland – a european student led society which supports international students in all aspects of living abroad. Grace completed her bachelor’s thesis on the role of KSR1 in nRAS driven malignant melanoma.

During this time Grace developed an interest in skin cancer research and decided to pursue the EMOTION master. She hopes to continue in the field of skin cancer research and increase global awareness of the damaging effects of U.V. exposure.

Three words: smiley, adventurous, a tiny bit chaotic

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Tiny beautiful things by Charyl Strayed


Liliya was born in 1997 in Moscow, Russia. She obtained her B.Sc in Chemical Technology from Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia.

Having worked in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and technological industries, and lived in different countries, she is enthusiastic about starting her own venture after EMOTION.

As per her previous thesis focus, her ultimate goal is to formulate hair care products to help regulate both the follicle supply and overall shaft health.

Three words: curious, kind, outgoing

Book donated to the EMOTION library: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini


Mahsan, born in 1993 in Kerman, Iran, completed her doctorate in pharmacy in her hometown. Her research on novel drug delivery systems kindled a deep interest in pharmaceutical innovations, especially in their dermatological applications. After her graduation, Mahsan served her community as a pharmacist and demonstrated her skills as a GDP quality manager. Her commitment to research deepened when she joined the Student Research Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Kerman University of Medical Sciences.

Mahsan views the EMOTION program as a bridge to her professional aspirations of innovating new dermatological formulations and products. She believes that the EMOTION program will not only propel her career forward but also enrich her personal development by immersing her in an international and intercultural environment.

Three words: empathetic, diligent, passionate

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Think Again by Adam Grant


Milena was born in Shtip, Macedonia in 1995. She earned her Master of Pharmacy degree from “Goce Delcev” University in the same town. After graduating, she embarked on an international adventure, settling in the United States. Here she enjoyed a beautiful five years, living and working in different pharmacies at the Vail ski resort in Colorado.

Throughout her education and her professional journey, her passion for the cosmetic industry remained persistent and driven by her genuine fulfillment in it, ultimately leading her to pursue the EMOTION Master.

Beyond her work, Milena is all about the wanderlust life. She is a fearless explorer, always on the lookout for new adventures worldwide. Her passion for different cultures and trying new cuisines blends perfectly with her love for excitement, creating a collection of unforgettable moments and treasured memories.

Three words: passionate, reliable, devoted

Book donated to the EMOTION Library: Atomic Habits by James Clear


Nicolas was born and raised in Luxembourg. Before joining the EMOTION master, he studied biomedical sciences, graduating in 2023 with a master focused on preclinical research from the University of Namur, Belgium. His thesis subject was on atopic dermatitis, performing cell culture and producing recontructed human epidermis, which sparked his interest for the skin and made him pursue this master. As he also suffers from atopic dermatitis, he is intimately familiar with the burden that inflammatory skin disease can have and know how important cosmetics are to manage the disease, along with dermatological drugs.

He hopes to combine his strong background in molecular biology with the knowledge on skin and chemistry that the emotion program offers to pursue a career in the cosmetics R&D world, possibly launching his own start up.

Three words: autonomous, open-minded, creative


Pinar was born on 11.11.2000 in Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from the St. Georg Austrian Highschool in Istanbul in 2019, she moved to Germany, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology at the Ruprecht Karl’s University of Heidelberg.

During her studies, she was a working student in the immunology department at an institution called BioMedX in team PTA (Protective Tissue Factors in Autoimmune Diseases), where she mastered several laboratory techniques. Later, she wrote her bachelor’s thesis on inducing bile acid and cholesterol biosynthesis by establishing a 3d model out of microfluidic chips that mimic the behavior of the liver, particularly, the liver zonation. Having experienced difficulties herself with acne, her interest in cosmetics and dermatological sciences began during her teenage years.

After completing her bachelor’s degree, she decided to combine her interest in cosmetics and research, becoming part of the EMOTION Master program.

Three words: positive, resilient, passionate

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Feel the fear and do it anyway! by Susan Jeffers


Sara was born in 2000 in Albania and raised in Italy. She has a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from the University of the Milano-Bicocca.

Her interest in the dermatological and cosmetic field was sparked during her internship which took place in a regenerative medicine laboratory at the University of Padua. Here she contributed to a project focused on the rare skin disease known as xeroderma pigmentosum. This experience deepened her will to know more about dermatology and cosmetics.

She believes that with the knowledge from the EMOTION masters she can pursue a career in research and development of innovative cosmetics.

Three words: curious, creative, determined


Sarra, a dynamic individual whose journey weaves together the rich tapestry of Tunisian heritage and Qatari upbringing. Born with an innate passion for cosmetics and special effects (FX) makeupSarra has embarked on a unique trajectory that blends cultural diversity with a fervent love for the art of self-expression. Hailing from Tunisian roots, Sarra found a second home in the vibrant and cosmopolitan landscape of Qatar.

This fusion of Arab and Amazigh influences has shaped Sarra’s perspective on beauty, emphasizing the importance of embracing individuality and celebrating diverse forms of self-expression. A degree in pharmacy helped Sarra bring a scientific lens to the world of cosmetics. This educational background not only underscores her commitment to understanding the intricacies of skincare but also positions her at the intersection of science and artistry, a unique point in the realm of makeup innovation.

The addition of an EMOTION masters will bring Sarra one step closer to fulfilling her dream. She envisions a makeup line that transcends boundaries, allowing individuals to explore and embrace their heritage and identities through the medium of makeup.

Three words: passionate, compassionate, creative

Book donated to the EMOTION library: The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz


Saeide was born in Kerman, Iran on the 19th of February, 1992. She studied pharmacy in her hometown and after graduation, she worked as a Quality Supervisor at a pharmaceutical distributor with main responsibilities in quality systems and regulatory compliance. She thinks the most important thing in teamwork is to be empathetic, and it is essential to be committed, adaptable, and responsible to achieve goals.

She worked in a pharmacy and also as a beauty therapist for a while to become more familiar with types of skin. her career goals for the future are to provide the possibility of research and development on herbal extraction. She especially wants to provide a chance for women to work and send them this message that they should believe in themselves, never give up, be more confident, and find their real position.

She thinks the EMOTION program helps students know about every aspect of their future career like target markets and job-seeking.

Three words: curious, passionate, imaginative

Book donated to the EMOTION Library: The Divan of Hafez by a Persian lyric poet


Susan was born in 1993 in Brazil. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from both the Universidade Federal do Parana in Brazil and the University of Toronto in Canada. Furthermore, she has earned a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Universidade Federal do Parana in Brazil.

She is an outgoing person with strong communication skills and a natural curiosity that drives her to seek diverse experiences and acquire new skills. After graduation, Susan briefly worked with quality management systems applied to medical devices and then embarked on a three-year journey working in multinational companies specializing in Regulatory Affairs for medical devices and food intended for special purposes.

During her Master’s degree program in Brazil from 2018 to 2020, she developed an innovative cosmetic product tailored for beard care, employing nanotechnology techniques to encapsulate natural active ingredients such as tea tree oil and almond oil. This experience ignited her passion for scientific innovation applied to cosmetic development.

Susan’s ultimate aspiration at EMOTION is to leverage her diverse experiences and expertise, with the aim of enhancing beauty, health, and overall well-being by creating effective, safe, and sustainable products.

Three words: kind, communicative, adaptable

Three words: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


Vân Trang is a “little” 25-year-old girl from the lovely country -Vietnam. She graduated as a valedictorian from the Faculty of Chemistry, Hanoi National University of Education. During her thesis titled “Synthesis of plant regulatory novel compounds‘, she found herself passionate about natural-derived compounds and became eager to manifest the potential of natural plants in cosmetics and skincare products.

She went around her country, did volunteer work with people requiring aesthetic surgery and became fascinated with cosmetics since she saw the profound meaning of cosmetics in making people confident and love their ownself.

Motivated by her academic journey and social call, she is now pursuing EMOTION in order to start up her own company where women in the cosmetic industry can innovate, be independent and empower others.

Three A words: adaptive, adorable, audacious

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