Induction Week 2019

All together – The 2019/2020 intake of students together with the Joint Consortium Board during the induction week.

Not yet a synchronized team but getting there – The induction week is not all about work, but also about team building.

Let’s get started – The 2019/2020 intake attend their first lectures together with the local host coordinators.

Is that really you? – Beatrice Mautino, a leading Italian popular science writer, primes students on the importance of communicating to the outside world.

Welcome – The Rector of the University, his delegate for international affairs and the head of Department welcome the students.

And the winner is…. – Best talk of the induction week, as judged by student feedback, is by Stefania Migliuolo on leadership.

Shuffle around – Cosmetica Italia, the association of cosmetic industries in Italy, decides to move chairs around.

What do you think? – The External Advisory Board, that will follow the progress of the Master and provide advice and feedbacks, meets in Novara for the first time and introduces itself to the students.

How about a BBQ? The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences welcomes the students with a barbecue

Building success – The induction week introduces the art of project management, and the 2019/2020 gets its first group assignment.

Lectures and Labs

Flipped classroom….students present their work!

Finally……and after 3 weeks the students finally get to put their labcoats.

The first semester lectures has ended – We have celebrated the end of the lessons by sharing greetings and eating panettone and pandoro, tw otraditional Xmas cakes in Italy.

Life in Emotion

Taste this – the 2019- 2020 intake organizes an international dinner

Last modified: Dicember 30, 2019