2022 – 2024 STUDENTS

2022 – 2024


Saule was born on September 27th in 1999 in Torino, Italy. She was able to learn English and Spanish during her high school studies, graduating with a baccalaureate in Sciences. Afterwards she decided to pursue studies in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies at the University of Torino. 

The last year of her bachelor degree she specialized in Industrial Chemistry and developed an experimental bachelor thesis in bismuth perovskites used as a photovoltaic resource for solar cells. Upon graduation she was determined to combine her passion in cosmetics with her previous studies in chemistry.

She believes the EMOTION master has been designed to combine her ambitions and dreams.

Three words: Kind, determined, reliable

Book donated to the EMOTION library: The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger


Ana María was born in Spain in 1999. After finishing high school, she realized that she wanted to dedicate herself to help others improve both their well-being and their quality of life and that is why she decided to venture into science, starting her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. 

During those years she had the opportunity to deep into neurobiology, which she is passionate about. She carried out her Final Degree Project in the Molecular Neuroprotection group in the National Hospital of Paraplegics (Toledo, Spain) and a 3-month internship in the Cell Physiology group in the Institute of Experimental Medicine (Prague, Czech Republic).

She believes EMOTION will provide them with the necessary skills to face a future career in this sector and a great network of professionals and experts in the field of Cosmetic and Dermatological Sciences, from which everyone can learn how to improve communicative, entrepreneurial and job seeking skills.

Three words: vibrant, loyal, transparent

Book donated to the EMOTION library: The Chice: embrace the possible by Edith Eger


Megan, 23, was born in Mangalore, India. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Manipal Academy of Higher Education during which she was awarded with a scholarship for Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry. She has experience working in both clinical pharmacy and as a regulatory affairs trainee in Cipla Ltd. where she worked in the market authorization of drugs for the European Market.

Her goal is to apply the experiences and knowledge gained throughout her studies as a pharmacist to the ever-developing field of dermatology with a more focused eye on skin of color to create products that are innovative and of need in today’s day and age.

Three words: Driven, determined, resourceful

Book donated to the EMOTION library: The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest


Daniel was born in Quito – Ecuador. He graduated in chemical engineering from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. He had the opportunity to do an internship in a gold mine in El Oro, a province from the south of Ecuador, where he first realized about the pollution problem in our planet.

In 2018, he founded ECOTERRA, a startup company which produces biodegradable household cleansers. It aims to encourage the consumption of some daily products with plant-based formulations. His plans for the future are to implement a new production line for cosmetic products but with an ecological and bio-component.

For him EMOTION represents an essential part of his professional future as it offers all the knowledge he needs to expand his personal and business horizons.

Three words: efficient, analytic, proactive

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Por las calles by Otavalo de Arriba Abajo


Nicole was born in Ecuador in 1996. In 2015 she moved to Scotland to study Neuroscience at the University of Glasgow. During her studies, she found herself fascinated by pharmaceutics and became eager to explore the potential of the nervous system as a tool to develop novel therapeutic and cosmetic approaches. 

After finishing her studies, she had the opportunity to work in Neuromarketing while also volunteering in a neuroepidemiology project in Ecuador. Per this diverse experience in business and academia, she is now motivated to find a way to contribute to the improvement of product development as a Neuroscientist.

She applied to EMOTION because it provides the multidisciplinary training she yearns to acquire to fulfil her career goals. 

Three words:open-minded, resilient, ambitious

Book donated to the EMOTION library: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde


Jennifer is Chemical Engineer born in El Salvador. During her years at Universidad de El Salvador she was tutor for younger students and also a student representative. 

In her senior year she started an internship in Sherwin Williams of Central America as an Architectural Paints Lab Formulator, after her graduation she worked as a Raw Material Technician and Quality Value Analyst. This allowed her to carry out improvement’s projects, getting to know evaluation methods and developing her formulations skills.

She wishes to work and R&D, contributing towards efficient and ecological solutions. Besides, she’s a pet lover, anime and manga fan.

Three words: passionate, committed, resilient

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Black Clover 1: The Boy’s Vow by Yūki Tabata


Eveline was born in Sousa, Paraíba, Brazil in 1998. She graduated in Biotechnology as the top student in her class from the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB).

She was awarded a scholarship from the Brazilian  Academy of Sciences to intern at the University of São Paulo (USP) in the field of immunology. Eve also worked for AIESEC, where she met people from different parts of the world and became passionate about entrepreneurship.

Eveline wishes to unite her interests in immunology, microbiology, and business to create effective, affordable, and inclusive cosmetics.

Three words: reliable, considerate, observant

Book donated to the EMOTION library: A court of Thorn and Roses by Sarah J. Maas


Zoubayda, was born in 1995 in Morocco where she got her pharmacy doctorate. She worked for 2 years in a Danish company in the sector of E-commerce where she served as an account manager and dabbled with branding and marketing.

Through this experience, she found herself fascinated by intra/ entrepreneurship and how adopting an entrepreneurial mindset can make a positive impact through the disproportionate analysis of emerging dermatology related trends and their conversion into sustainable businesses.

As a keratosis pilaris and adult acne warrior, she hopes through EMOTION to be able to create sustainable skincare products that can contribute positively to the ecological footprint. She loves learning new languages, roller skating, and swimming.

Three words: resilient, inquisitive, outgoing

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Verity by Colleen Hoover


Prachi obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the prestigious Prin. K. M. Kundnani college of Pharmacy which is affiliated to University of Mumbai.

After graduation she did an internship with Mundial Pharmaceuticals which gave her an idea of the global market for cosmetics, collagen, herbal cosmetics etc.

She’s passionate about learning various dance forms, art, films, travel and cosmetics.

Three words: passionate, creative, outgoing

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Ikigai by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles


Irem was born in the small and conservative village of Aksaray, Turkiye in 1998. She obtained her degree in Pharmacy at Erciyes University (Turkiye).

During her study, she did internships in various countries and fields such as New Jersey, US (pharmacist intern) and Brno, Czechia (microbiology research and community pharmacy intern), Zagreb, Croatia (Drug formulation with nanoparticles, Erasmus Traineeship Program) and Kayseri, Turkiye (R&D intern in nanotechnology for cancer treatment). Her experiences are followed by 2 Erasmus Exchange Programs in Brno (Czechia).

Her interest in cosmetic and dermatologic drugs started during her poster presentation about oncolytic viruses in skin cancer treatment at an international pharmacy congress. All the international experiences assured her that she wants to give a direction to her career as a researcher abroad. Guided by her entrepreneurial spirit and pharmacist vision, she is now pursuing her master’s degree in the EMOTION program.

Three words: persistent, brave, inspirational

Book donated to the EMOTION Library: Pharmakon by Dirk Witternborn


Cẩm Vân – which means colorful cloud ️ in Vietnamese. She was born in a small seaside city on Nov 16th, 1995. She obtained her Pharmacy degree at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City with a 10/10 regarding her thesis on novel drug delivery systems.

While studying, she discovered her interest in pharmaceutical innovations and the cosmetic industry. Being a part of the EMOTION took her one step closer to her goal: to integrate her pharmaceutical background and EMOTION knowledge. Eventually, translate them into entrepreneurship to enhance people’s quality of life.  

Three words: energetic, bright, kind

Book donated to the EMOTION library: I’m So Happy You’re Here: A Little Book About Why You’re Great by Liz Clim


Salomé was born on April 2001, in Coimbra, Portugal. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Pharmacy in 2022.

During her bachelor’s degree, she did two internships, one focused on Algae and the other one on the Codes of ethics for Pharmacists. In 2022, she also did a post-graduation in Advanced Cosmetology, in the University of Lisbon.

Three words: creative, outgoing, curious

Book donated to the EMOTION library:A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf


Melisa was born in Bogotá where she obtained her degree in Chemical Engineering at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She is also a Food Industries Engineer from ENSAIA, France, with a specialization in food preservation.

While working for the European Institute of Antioxidants in the R&D team, she found great interest in natural compounds and their applications in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutics. Being an associate professor at Universidad de Pamplona (Colombia) and a marketing manager of her own brand, she decided to pursue EMOTION as she is enthusiastic about nutraceuticals and well-being.

She defines herself as artistic, a passionate traveler and an innate smiler!

Three words:creative, curious, kind

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Milk & Honey by Rupi Kapur


Erika was born in Ecuador in 1997. She obtained her bachelor´s degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad San Francisco de Quito. During her career, she was involved in research projects related to renewable energies. Upon graduation, she started working in the R&D department of a pharmaceutical company where she discovered her passion for formulation.

She has gained experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, research and development of drugs and quality control. Her inquisitive mind and entrepreneurial spirit triggered her eagerness to create her own brand of cosmetic products: Piurité.

Her motivation led her to pursue the EMOTION master to strengthen her brand and help people by offering innovative and functional cosmetic products.

Three words:resourceful, adventurous, goal-oriented

Book donated to the EMOTION library: The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman


Şeymanur is a 26-year-old pharmacist from Türkiye. One of her childhood dreams came true and she did her internships within the Erasmus+ program once in Germany and twice in England throughout her Bachelor’s degree in Türkiye.

These experiences motivated her to pursue further education in an international environment despite her Master’s degree in Pharmacology that was going on. While she was working at the Turkish Medicine Agency which is equivalent to FDA and EMA, specialized in orphan drugs of pediatric neurology, she decided to be part of EMOTION Master and expand her knowledge of Cosmetics and Dermatological Sciences. 

Three words:lively, optimistic, ambitious

Book donated to the EMOTION Library:The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


Mariam, 22, was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. She studied at the Agricultural University of Georgia with a government scholarship and in 2021 she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology.

In her final year of studies, she did an internship at a clinical laboratory in Tbilisi and was employed in the same company as a part-time laboratory specialist. While studying she discovered her interest in the cosmetics field and decided to pursue EMOTION master.

Her interests include traveling, painting, and meeting new people.

Three words: diligent, kind, empathetic 

Book donated to the EMOTION library: The door into Summer by Robert A. Heinlein


Binh, 1999, was born and raised in the largest city in Vietnam. He graduated as a Valedictorian in Chemical Engineering from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. 

In his final year, he did his thesis on green-chemistry adopted novel organic synthesis strategies for pharmaceutical applications. Having worked closely in the cosmetic ingredient industry in Vietnam, Binh realized the potential that science and technology could bring to his local cosmetic field.

With EMOTION, he aspires to establish his own cosmetic line with the infusion between natural and innovative ingredients. His passions are cosmetic, perfumery, and science.

Three words:curious, adorable, resilient

Book donated to the EMOTION library:Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth


Estefania was born in Mexico where she studied a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology Engineering.

After graduating from the university, she worked for more than 4 years in the field of Clinical Research at a multinational CRO, first as a Clinical Project Assistant and then as an Import-Export Specialist for the Latin America region.

Her main goal is to contribute to the development and application of better strategies in clinical trials and thus be able to help more people from her country and around the globe.

Three words: adventurous, determined, hard-working

Book donated to the EMOTION library:Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Luc is a 27-year-old plastic surgeon from Vietnam, where he obtained an excellent degree in General Medicine and a post-graduate certificate in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

His work experience as a cosmetic surgeon made him realize the potential of the skin care market and sparked his interest in aesthetic dermatology and dermocosmetics. In addition, Luc is also the leader of Luketeam – one of the biggest online interpreter centers in Vietnam. His ambition is to open an all-in-one beauty center, offering a wide range of services from basic skin care to complicated cosmetic surgeries, as well as establishing a new natural cosmetic brand based on green tea extract.

The EMOTION Master, where science meets business, is exactly what he needs.

Three words:free spirit, kind heart, people magnet

Book donated to the EMOTION library:When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi


Bea was born and raised in the Philippines. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the University of the Philippines Manila, and became a Licensed Chemist in her country.

In the last few years, she has worked in multi-national companies – as a quality analyst in cosmetics manufacturing, and as a product development specialist in a fragrance house. This deepened her fascination with cosmetics, especially on products focusing on colors and fragrances.

With her experiences and the new knowledge from the EMOTION masters, she plans to pursue a career in research and development to discover and create innovative cosmetics. 

Three words:reliable, detail-oriented, adaptable

Book donated to the Emotion Library:The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


Halo! Ciao! I am Nasyaya Ulva (Aya, to make it short) from Aceh, Indonesia! After my graduation from Pharmacy Department, Syiah Kuala University, I worked as a pharmacist in a hospital and a community pharmacy. I enjoy cooking (I really love spicy food), exploring new places, doing yoga, and I love Coldplay and Taylor Swift!

I always so into skincare, I even try many brands on my face (hopefully my skin will not tired of how curious I am) especially the one made by natural products (my mom used to apply any left-over vegetables or herbs to her face whenever she cooks lol). I dream of making my startup company of natural products cosmetics and skin care, as you know, Indonesia is a tropical country with many various plants, and that’s why I ended up in this super-duper precious Master Program: EMOTION!! I am so proud to be part of EMOTION Master.

Three words:passionate, ambitious, observant

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Inferno by Dan Brown


Vanshikha is a pharmacist with a keen interest in nano-formulations and clinical trials. She was born on 26 May in  New Delhi, India and graduated from Jamia Hamdard university in 2021.

She interned at Parexel as a clinical data analyst which provided her a larger perspective on how the clinical trials were performed and the failures associated with it at the very lower scale. She also worked on nano particles loaded hydrogels for treatment of skin infections.

The EMOTION masters is like a bridge between her two different interest built upon past and present experiences  and she intends on  understanding and working to bring  safer  nano-formulations to translational use someday.

Three words:reliable, inquisitive, resilient

Book donated to the EMOTION library:Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


Nour was born in 1997 in Ghazaouet Algeria. In 2021, she obtained her doctorate in Pharmacy from Ahmed Ben Bella Oran University 1. She has a lot of interest in mental health and personal development.

She aspires to make a difference and to stand up for what she believes in.  Furthermore, cosmetic and dermatological sciences have always inspired her and this is why she decided to pursue her dreams and join Master EMOTION.

Three words:believer, empathetic, optimistic

Book donated to the EMOTION library: This proud heart by Pearl Buck


Fotini was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1997. She obtained a B.H.Sc. in Aesthetics and Cosmetology in 2021. She conducted her internship at a cosmetic company’s chemistry laboratory, in their R&D department.

Alongside her studies she formulated and produced personalized cosmetics and cosmeceuticals for friends and family, with remarkable results on their skin.

EMOTION was a perfect steppingstone towards her future goals of creating a natural cosmetic brand tailored to satisfy consumers’ needs and relief their skin’s conditions, while respecting their health, animals and the environment.

Three words:curious, creative, visionary

Book donated to the EMOTION library:Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morga


Shambhavi was born in India on 10 September 1999. She has pursued her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Throughout her bachelor’s she has actively participated in various competitions and researches.

She loves travelling and was very inspired in her life from her trip to Japan in 2019. After graduation she joined Cognizant Technology Services Pvt Ltd as a Data Analyst and gained in-depth knowledge of Pharmacovigilance and also got to know about the how the blend of Pharma-IT sector actually works.

She was always determined to do research in skin related diseases and hence she decided to pursue the EMOTION Master.

Three words:optimistic, emotional thoughtful

Book donated to the EMOTION library:Ikigai: The Japanese Secret of a Long and Happy Life by Héctor Garcia


My name is Antonia Koštić, and I completed my Master’s in ‘Sciences in Pharmacy’ at the University of Split, Croatia. As a creative, ambitious, and goal-driven person, I would like to work as a Cosmetic Formulator or Research and Development Specialist.

To be one step closer, I accepted the opportunity to study in the interdisciplinary and multicultural environment at the EMOTION Master where I am in the frontier of the newest innovations and discoveries in the field of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. While reading and writing scientific articles, I decided to contribute to cosmetic awareness and beauty formulations. My project is called “A formulator”.

I will donate the book “Discovering Cosmetic Science” to the EMOTION library. I found the descriptions of different cosmetic types and myths instructive and fascinating. Through this science-based book, I hope to imbibe in the next generation a curiosity and motivate them to broaden their horizons of knowledge. Ultimately, I believe that every person needs to follow the light that comes from within- passion and dream, so do not hesitate.

Three words:courious, motivated, passionate

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Discovering Cosmetic Science 


Ciao! My name is Igboabuchukwu Sandra Oluchi, a Nigerian trained pharmacist with varying experience that spans from community, hospital practice and cosmetic industry. Working in different field of the profession made me identify the need for personalized skin products to promotes skin health through science-based evidence. This experience made me realize that caring for the skin can be more than cosmetic but the well-being of the skin.

I decided to pursue a master’s degree in EMOTION which for me is an opportunity to merge my knowledge as pharmacist and a future skin care chemist through its exposure. Asides skin and drugs, I love meeting new people, learning new culture and travelling. 

Three words:resilient, curious, kind

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Atomic Habits by James Clear


Shital Bhanushali was born in Mumbai, India in 1995. She graduated from the University of Mumbai with a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and a Master’s degree in Life Sciences with a merit scholarship from University of Mumbai for her academic excellence.

She has an interdisciplinary research experience in biotechnology and allied fields. She is a national award-winning science communicator who has worked with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to develop an educational platform for deepening the Scientific Social Responsibility of Scientific Communities and Institutions, and with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India towards large-scale science popularization.

As an Erasmus Mundus (EMJMD) scholar at EMOTION, she is working towards her socio-scientific entrepreneurial goals and establishing herself as a voice in “Cosmetic Communication” for skin health and well-being.

Three words:creative, determined, ambitious

Book donated to the EMOTION library: Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters


Muqaddas Rahmonova (Soleil), born in Tajikistan. Gained a full scholarship to pursue double degrees in Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea in Biological Sciences and Management.

Launched her Circular Skincare startup- Honestly it’s [SERENE BEAUTY] where they use Upcycled ingredients to reduce the waste for their skincare products in South Korea and in the Netherlands with her best friend. After doing an internship in a Korean Skincare Brand, AXIS-Y she was promoted to a position of a Creative Content Manager with her own team.

The skies are the limits, that is why she is in EMOTION to dig in deeper and learn as much as she can to incorporate the knowledge and experience to develop sustainable skincare that is not only good for the skin but also for the planet. 

Three words:creative, ambitious, curious

Book donated to the EMOTION library: She doesn’t read books, Youtube is her source of information and that’s where she shares her own knowledge and experience @withsoleil


Hiya is 23 and from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She graduated from Brac University with the highest distinction in Biotechnology.

Her undergraduate thesis is based on the genetic etiology, diagnosis, and emerging treatments for PCOS and has been published by SAGE Publishing on Women’s Health. She worked as a Research Associate on several projects before joining the Master. 

Three words: ambitious, resourceful, patient

Book donated to the EMOTION library: The Love Hypotesis by Ali Hazelwood


Prerna was born in Mumbai in 1999. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Dr. D. Y. Patil University, Pune. During her academic term, she interned as a research student at the Serum Institute of India and the Advanced Center for Treatment, Research, and Education in Cancer (ACTREC).

After graduating, she worked as a reviewer of scientific literature. The assortment of academic exposures combined with her love for cosmetics motivated her to pursue the EMOTION Master, which she deems to be the new beginning of her career. She likes to read, listen to music, and be creative.

Three words: curious, compassionate, evolving

Book donated to the EMOTION library:No and Me by Delphine de Vigan

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Do you have any questions?
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